State Records Reform

State Records is undergoing an exciting change and our stakeholders and customers continue to play an important part.  Since August 2015 State Records has been undertaking a review of how we work, how we deliver our services and how we engage with customers and stakeholders.  The aim of this review is to inform changes to the way we do business so that we can bring you the services and support you need in an efficient and effective manner.

The State Records Reform project is comprised of three phases.

Phase 1 (Completed) - We sought the views of our customers and stakeholders to find out what you like about our services, what you would like to see done differently and what new services you would find beneficial.  To ascertain these views, a short online survey was conducted in November 2015 and stakeholder workshops were held in December 2015.

Phase 2 (Completed) – In January 2016 we began to analyse the information obtained in Phase 1.  This ran through to May 2016.

Phase 3 (Currently underway) - The final implementation phase began in May 2016, we have now identified potential areas for action and areas for further consideration. The information obtained in Phase 1 and analysis undertaken in Phase 2 informed the proposed future direction of State Records which is outlined in the paper below.

State Records Reform Paper PDF (1 KB)

Feedback on the paper closed at the end of November 2016. Feedback is now being considered by the Director of State Records.

Thank you to all who have contributed thus far.  Without your continued input we will not be able to achieve our goal of implementing reform that meets the needs of our varied stakeholder and customer groups. In the New Year State Records will continue to engage with its customers, staff and stakeholders as implementation of the reform progresses.

This webpage will be updated regularly so you are kept abreast of how this exciting opportunity progresses.


Additional Information PDF (40KB)

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