Conservation of records

Under section 13 of the State Records Act, agencies have a responsibility to maintain their official records so that they remain accessible and useable for as long as required. To meet this obligation, records transferred to State Records should be free of cobwebs, grime, insect infestation, dust, mould, etc.

Before boxing permanent paper records, ensure that the records are free of dust, and wipe or vacuum clean if necessary.

If records are identified as mould-affected, isolate the records and place in sealed plastic bags. It is recommended that gloves and a mask be worn while handling mould-affected records. If records are wet, isolate them from other records.

If the records are wet, mould-affected, or in need of repair or other conservation treatment, contact Collection Management Services, providing details about the records and the conservation issue. Advice will be provided on a case-by-case basis. Collection Management Services may refer you to Artlab Australia.

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